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Star manchester
yup we rok

Group Founder: prakash2
Description: best nights out in england
Group Type: Public join
Members: 80
Category: Your City/Region > General

Topics (5)

go woo sxc manc gal :o) (6) cute_sam
so is there any s*xy manc boys out there that wanna chat ?

go wHo ArE Ya? (10) lee_..o0
rEeT i rECk0n eVRy0ne sHUd iNtr0dUCe tHEmseLvEs.._iM LeE fR0m saLfORd :D Wh0z nEXt?.._

go Nsa (0) thisthng
Where's the nsa action round here?

go new in here (2) bowealis
straight male just separated need to chat again

go 2 get things started! (1) 3azy
Thort id get things going coz i cant believe thrs stil no topics on ere lol and i no u aint all shy, neway a big elo t every1 and a big MWAH t all th grls.

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